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Create your own "Altar"

A L T A R E S 

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

An altar is a composition of botánica & animalia presented as if it were delicately and creatively laid out on the floor (in this case, the clients' body), as if it were to be considered as an "offering". ALTARES is a project where the client chooses specific botanical and animal elements to create a composition that will represent meaningful representations of people, moments, or memories – with a twist of fantastical and a whimsical twists if wished. 


Here is a basic guide of how to design your own Altar: 

  • List 1-2 animals you would like in your composition (bugs are also awesome to consider)

  • List 3-5 botanical elements (fungi are included): Three botanical choiced normally work best 

  • Let known if you would like a fantastic twist to the altar. 

  • Name placement for your altar (this will help me best to design it for you!) 


Please send along your answer of each step to my email along with 2-4  image references you might have *after* filling out the booking form. Thanks so much! 


If you **NOTE**: I call them "altars" because in México, we create altars to remember not only people that have passed, but moments of time that shape who we are every year on the first and second of November.

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg
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