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1.I have submitted my form, what should I do next?


Please give me time to read your form, look at your visual references and collect all the info necessary to see if I am a good match for you. I am experiencing a high volume of inquiries. Therefore, the process will take up to 7 - 14 days to get a reply.  I appreciate your patience. Generally, I reply to emails every Monday. Please don't send out multiple emails thinking it will be faster to select your idea.  :D 


2. What will happen if my idea is selected?

I will send you an email consultation which introduces you to my steps of process, and my deposit policy.

After settling on an appointment date and collecting a non-refundable deposit from you, I will send you a “homework” list to help us prepare for your upcoming appointment.


3. How should I make my payments?

For deposit I take Venmo. (Subject to change for people visiting from out of the country) 

The rest of the cost will be collected after our session in CASH, VENMO or ZELLE. No credit cards accepted. 


4. Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Absolutely! It is always deeply appreciated to tip any service provider. Typical tipping percentage is 18 - 20% service industry standard. Typically, when an artist is working or guest spotting at a studio, a percentage of the rate goes to the owner. As a studio owner, most of the earnings go to the maintenance of the business. It goes a long way! 


5. Do you have a flash sheet?


You can find available designs on my Instagram page.

All drawings on my Instagram (HERE) not marked “TAKEN”  are available to book.

6. If I cancel my appointment, will I get my deposit back?


Unfortunately, no. The deposit is non-refundable. It will be applied to the final cost of your tattoo but won’t be returned to you.

I will send you a detailed deposit policy if your idea is selected.

Please read carefully the deposit policy form and email consultation before paying any deposits. Once your deposit is paid, is non-refundable. 

7. When will I be able to see my design?


 I will show you the design the day of your tattoo appointment. I dedicate about 30 -45 minutes to do minor editions and changes in case needed. Reason being due to time management. I dedicate at least 3-4 hours to design your tattoo aside from also preparing for other appointments. I know it is scary to trust me blindly with the design for your tattoo, but I am also trusting that you chose me because of my sense of direction in aesthetic, technique and design. Therefore, I promise I wont take your design completely outside from what you have seen in my portfolio, however, I will make it completely custom and unique for you. This is why, if you have more detailed thoughts for your design, feel free to send them over so I can have a better sense of what you have in mind :)


8. How long will my tattoo take?


I will need to gather enough info from you. It totally depends on the amount of detail, size, placement and your skin type. I can only send you a *very rough* estimate before the appointment based on info you provide from the form and emails. I always advise my clients to be open to get tattooed for at least 3 up to hours. Every skin is different and it is hard to tell exactly how long a tattoo will take. Lately my average time has been between 3-4 hours! 

Please note that it takes much longer time to tattoo a design on your skin than drawing it on paper. Therefore, it is extremely appreciated if you don't pressure your artist with time spent tattooing you. 


9. How do I take care of my tattoo?


Please follow aftercare instructions HERE.


10. What is your touch up policy?


I offer life-long touch up service for my own tattoos. I don't take touch ups for tattoos by other artists. 

 First touchup is FREE of charge. If more is needed, a flat fee of $100 will be collected each time.


Please note that a a touch up is necessary if a part of the tattoo has aggressively faded. Adding into your tattoo is not considered a touch up. You will have to schedule an appointment and follow the deposit and rate requirements to work on it again. 



11. Why was my idea not selected?


Although I have a broad spectrum of interests, I have limited available slots. I prefer to select work that matches my skill sets and expertise. If I can think of another artist that is a better match for your idea I'll gladly recommend them to you! 


Also, please make sure that you have read both my DO and DON’T DO list found in my BOOKING FORM >> HERE 


It is not personal. Please keep in mind that it is my responsibility to be honest with future clients of my skills and fortes. 



12. I like this tattoo you did before, can you tattoo the same design on me?


Sure! Why not? :D 

I do have a limited series on my original artwork. I do a series of 5 tattoos out of a design to make it more of a limited collector's piece <3


13. This is a tattoo by another artist, can do you tattoo the same design on me?


No. Please DON’T send me other tattoo artists’ work as a reference image…!

If it is a classic painting/illustration/panel/anime screenshot, then it is OK.  Please ONLY send me the ORIGINAL ART and I will work from that.

I will not copy other tattoo artists' work.


I recommend making research of imagery of the subject you want to get tattooed; followed by a detailed description of what you have in mind for your tattoo (placement, size, additional elements, etc.). The more information I gather of your tattoo, the better sense I will have of what you have in mind. 


15. Can you do very small tattoos?

I don't do tattoos smaller than 3.5 inches (x2).

Always consider that ink tends to spread over time and a small tattoo might bleed together. Since I focus on meticulous and detailed linework, I don’t want you to end up with a black “blob” over time. 



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