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Create your own Guardian


Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

The Guardians & Tescuanis are hybrid creatures that reflect each individual person who designs them. These beasts are meant to accompany & protect  you on your life journey.  


Here is a basic guide of how to design your own Tescuani: 


  • List 2 - 3 animals you would like to represent in your creature

  • Does your Tescuani have horns? Wings? Both? 

  • Does your creature merge with any botanical? List 1-2 

  • For patterns on skin: List one important date, word, thought, or feeling that comes into mind to be represented on your guardian’s skin. (Meant for tattoos 4in or larger) 


Please send along your answer of each step to my email along with 2-4  image references you might have *after* filling out the booking form. Thanks so much! 


If you already have a placement for your Tescuani, that will be most helpful to design it for you. 

*Tescuani* comes from the word in Nahuatl – aztec language – meaning “beast” or “fierce”. Even if some beasts have a calm and gentle nature, it takes fierceness in order to be protectors.

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